The Best LED Flashlights Of 2014


Update: We have a new version of this article: The Brightest LED Flashlights For 2015 Most enthusiasts and reviewers agree that Fenix flashlights have the best build-quality and reliability for their price. Streamlight, one of the few brands of flashlights made in the U.S.A, is highly rated by reviewers on Amazon. Other top rated brands are: Cree, […]

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The Most Durable Jeans: Iron Heart


Iron Heart makes jeans with 25 oz Japanese selvage denim — significantly heavier than the typical 12 oz denim used in most jeans. “Selvage” means the denim was made on an old-style shuttle loom (unlike mass-produced denim). If durability is a deciding factor for you, and you don’t mind breaking in your jeans for a […]

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The Top Rated Wireless Portable Headphones


We surveyed the reviews on CNET, PCWorld, PC Magazine, Wired, Gear Diary, and Amazon to create this list of the top rated wireless portable headphones.

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Buy It For Life: Artifact Bags


Artifact Bags are made in Omaha, Nebraska by one man, Chris Brown. He uses a combination of hand tools and vintage industrial equipment to craft his creation. For materials, me Brown makes use of American sourced waxed canvas and leather, and offers a lifetime guarantee for all his products

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