The Best Flashlights For Retaining Night Vision


Aviators, astronomers, truck drivers, campers and anyone wanting to retain their night vision can benefit from LED flashlights with red or green light options. Which is best, green or red light? Well, it's the total brightness of the light that has the most significant effect on night vision retention, so you'll want a light that allows you to easily adjust brightness. Our eyes are more sensitive to green light, which means you need much less green light than red light to see something, … [Read more...]

How To Find Apple Laptops Under $500


It is possible to find an Apple Laptop for under $500 -- you can get a used iBook, MacBook or Powerbook in this price range. Note that you won't find a new Apple laptop for under $500. If you want a new Mac laptop -- the least expensive option is to purchase a Apple MacBook Air MC506LL/A, which was released in 2010, and currently sells for $849 at Amazon. The Best Apple Laptops Under $500 Let's take a look at the used Apple laptops you can get for under $500. When buying a used or … [Read more...]

The Top Rated LED Lanterns (Powered By AA Batteries)

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LED Lanterns are perhaps the most useful portable lights -- they can be used as camp lights, work lights, or emergency lights. The LEDs inside aren't susceptible to shocks, and they last for 10 years or more. LED lanterns that run on AA batteries are particularly useful. These lantern are small yet bright enough to light up a tent. You can power them with low-discharge rechargeable AA batteries (or regular AA alkaline batteries). Budget Choice: Coleman 3AA High-Tech LED Mini … [Read more...]

A List Of Goods Still Made In The USA


Here's a list of well-designed products still made in the United States. I focus mostly on mainstream goods, rather than specialized products. If only certain products are US-made, you'll see a "(only selected products)" note. Jeans AG Jeans — Los Angeles, California — jeans (only selected products) American Gusset - Bon Aqua, Tennessee Baldwin Denim — Kansas City, Missouri —  jeans Crate — Los Angeles, California — denim, outerwear Earnest Sewn — New York, New York —  jeans (on … [Read more...]

The Best Battery Chargers Of 2012

Best Rechargeable Battery Chargers

The chargers featured below are some of the "smartest" out there -- they have built-in protection to prevent overcharging or undercharging, and they also perform battery testing and recovery. You can also check out our review of the best AA Rechargeable batteries.   LaCrosse Technology BC-1000 Alpha Battery Charger The LaCrosse Alpha BC-1000 Charger has sophisticated monitoring circuitry that controls the charging process, and it is also capable of "reconditioning" batteries by … [Read more...]

10 Titanium Pocket Tools


Ah titanium! It has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal -- approximately 40% stronger and 40% lighter than stainless steel. It's also highly corrosion-resistant -- even when exposed to sea water and chlorine. Oceanographers report that titanium immersed for 30 years in saltwater produces no measurable corrosion. This is because titanium forms a protective oxide film instantly, when it's exposed to a trace of air or water. All of these attributes make titanium an ideal metal for … [Read more...]

20 Highly Rated Home Goods Made In The U.S.A.

Weber Grill

Very few products are still made in the U.S., but we managed to track down some American-made products that get high ratings from buyers.   KitchenAid Artisan Mixers Average Rating: 4.7 out of 5 (from 2037+ reviewers) Since 1919, KitchenAid classic mixer have been assembled by hand in Greenville, Ohio. The KitchenAid mixer is one of a few consumer appliances trademarked specifically for its unique shape! Buy on Amazon for about $267.   Lodge Logic Skillet Average … [Read more...]

Buy It For Life: Classic Backpacks By Duluth Pack


In our “Buy It For Life” posts we feature products that are built to last a lifetime. We also give preference to products that are very durable, are warrantied for life, and are made in the U.S. Based in Minnesota, Duluth Pack makes high durable work clothes (for both men and women), and classic bags. This is their Paul Bunyan Canoe Pack, made with 18 oz canvas in the U.S. It sells for $230. This is their classic Child's Backpack, constructed with 15-ounce canvas. It sells for … [Read more...]

The 20 Highest Rated Earbuds & Headphones For 2012


In this post, I've compiled an updated list of the best rated earphones and headphones for 2012. This list has evolved over a couple of years -- I've tried to include the most vetted headphones and earphones available, as well as a couple of new headphones that are getting great reviews. I've tried to cover all the basic types of headphones available today: earbuds, wireless earphones, sport earphones, noise-cancelling headphones, full-sized headphones and wireless headphones. LG Tone … [Read more...]

Buy It For Life: Mulholland Waxed Canvas Negotiator Bag


In our “Buy It For Life” posts we feature products that are built to last a lifetime. We also give preference to products that are very durable, are warrantied for life, and are made in the U.S. Founded in San Francisco in 1984, Mulholland is a small company run by a father and his two sons. They specialize in handcrafting bags and accessories using raw materials sourced in the U.S. Their Negotiator Bag, featured here, is made with waxed canvas, a heavy-duty fabric which is dipped in paraffin … [Read more...]