The Brightest Keychain Flashlight (300 Lumens)

by Justin Thomas •


Surefire has released the Titan Plus, a keychain-sized flashlight that produces 300 lumens in its highest light mode. Prior to this release, the brightest keychain light produced about 80-120 lumens, so this threefold increase is significant.

The Brightest Headlamp That Uses AA Batteries (900 Lumens)

by Justin Thomas •


The brightest headlamp that uses AA batteries is the Fenix 15-UE. This LED headlamp is capable of outputting 900 lumens in “burst” mode — but only for 30 seconds at at time (it must cool down afterwards). However, in “high mode” it outputs 400 lumens and lasts an average of 3.5 hours in this mode.

The Brightest and Most Durable Christmas Lights

by Justin Thomas •


Conical 5mm Wide-Angle LEDs are the most durable and brightest Christmas lights available. Almost all professional Christmas light installers use these lights for their displays. Conical LEDs are waterproof and snowproof because they are injection molded into their plastic cordage.