Buy It For Life: The Converto Bike

Converto Bike

In our “Buy It For Life” posts we feature products that are built to last a lifetime. We also give preference to products that are very durable, are warrantied for life, and are made in the U.S. Originally designed by Tony Anthony in 1949, the Converto Bike is a solid aluminum tricycle that converts into a bicycle in minutes. When your child is ready for a two wheeler, simply remove rear axle and place one of the wheels into the rear fork. The bike has very sturdy steel and cast-aluminum … [Read more...]

The Brightest LED Bike Lights


In A Nutshell We list the some of the brightest LED Bike lights available below. However, the Niterider company has come out with the NiteRider Pro -- this bike light shines with an amazing 3600 lumens! This makes it the brightest bike light available. Personally, my favorite bike light is the Niterider Lumina. It's as solid as a rock and shines with 700 lumens, and is priced below $100 on Amazon. Brightest Headlight – Lupine Betty 12 The Lupine Betty 12 produces up to 2,600 lumens … [Read more...]

The Top Rated Folding Bikes Of 2011

Pacific If Reach Folding Bike (Folded)

Much like traditional bikes, finding the best folding bike is a matter of finding the best folding bike for you and depending upon what features are most important for your lifestyle. Folding bikes are efficient, convenient, and uber-portable, allowing the folding bike owner to go where other bike riders may not. Those who are considering bike commuting for the first time, may want to consider a folding bike. Folding bikes can easily be taken on public transportation, stored under your desk at … [Read more...]

The Top Rated Bike Lights Of 2011

NiteRider MiNewt

Bike lights have made leaps and bounds in technology offering a wide variety of styles for the night cyclist to choose from. Today's high-efficiency LEDs have taken over the market from yesterday's halogens, outshining and outlasting them. Though most of the LED bike lights available are powered by alkaline batteries, more manufacturers are now using Li-Ion batteries with the handy USB port charging feature. These top rated bike lights were chosen by studying bike forums and bike blogs such … [Read more...]