The Brightest LED Flashlights Of 2014


In A Nutshell These days, there are some mighty bright LED flashlights over there -- ones that can rival car headlights in their shine. My personal favorite is the 860 lumen Fenix TK-41 U2, which is currently the brightest flashlight powered by AA batteries. However, the brightest reliable LED Flashlight is the Nitecore TM15 Tiny Monster which can output 2450 lumens. Here's the details: Nitecore Tiny Monster 15: 2450 Lumens The Nitecore TM15 Tiny Monster LED Flashlight shines with an … [Read more...]

The Best Portable LED Worklight Of 2014

Best Portable LED Worklights Of 2014

In A Nutshell My recommendation for the best portable LED worklight is the Maxxeon Workstar. I just used this light to change a car tire in the dark, and the solid floodlight beam really helped. I don't think there's a portable floodlight that can rival the brightness and beam quality of this light. It shines with 270 lumens on its high setting, and 90 lumens on its low setting. It has a fresnel-like lens that creates a floodlight beam with no shadows or rings.  As for runtimes, the light lasts … [Read more...]

The Ultralight Pocket: Recommended Keychain Tools For 2013


These are the most optimal ultralight tools I could find. They all fit on a keychain: Nite Ize Inka Pen (writes underwater, writes in tempurature from -30 degrees to +300 degrees, ultralight, made in US) Leatherman Micra (keychain-sized, ultralight multi-tool, includes scissors, made in US) Fenix LD01R2 LED Flashlight (very durable and produces 80 lumens of light -- as much a bright full-sized flashlight) Titanium Waterproof Medicine Capsule (ultralight capsule for carrying breath … [Read more...]

The Brightest Flashlight Powered By AA Batteries

The Brightest LED Flashlights: Fenix TK41

Prompted by a reader's request, I went searching for the brightest flashlight powered by AA batteries. The Fenix TK41 was the winner by far: Fenix TK41 860 Lumen Flashlight The Fenix TK-41 U2, which shines at 860 lumens, is the brightest flashlight that runs on AA batteries. It uses eight AA batteries, and these can be rechargeable NiMH or alkaline AAs. The TK41 produces four brightness levels, the lowest (10 lumens) allows the flashlight to run for up to 240 hours. The Fenix TK-41 U2, … [Read more...]

The Best Ultraviolet LED Flashlights Of 2012


Ultraviolet light is a wavelength shorter than that of visible light, but longer than X-rays, in the range 10 nanometers to 400 nanometers. LEDs that emit ultraviolet light were introduced in 2006, and there are now ultraviolet LED flashlights available. These flashlights are most often used to detect fraudulent documents, see watermarks, read invisible ink or investigate crime scenes. They can also be used to "fluoresce" scorpions and certain types of minerals, and charge "glow-in-the-dark" … [Read more...]

The Best Flashlights For Retaining Night Vision


Aviators, astronomers, truck drivers, campers and anyone wanting to retain their night vision can benefit from LED flashlights with red or green light options. Which is best, green or red light? Well, it's the total brightness of the light that has the most significant effect on night vision retention, so you'll want a light that allows you to easily adjust brightness. Our eyes are more sensitive to green light, which means you need much less green light than red light to see something, … [Read more...]

The Top Rated LED Lanterns (Powered By AA Batteries)

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LED Lanterns are perhaps the most useful portable lights -- they can be used as camp lights, work lights, or emergency lights. The LEDs inside aren't susceptible to shocks, and they last for 10 years or more. LED lanterns that run on AA batteries are particularly useful. These lantern are small yet bright enough to light up a tent. You can power them with low-discharge rechargeable AA batteries (or regular AA alkaline batteries). Budget Choice: Coleman 3AA High-Tech LED Mini … [Read more...]

10 Titanium Pocket Tools


Ah titanium! It has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal -- approximately 40% stronger and 40% lighter than stainless steel. It's also highly corrosion-resistant -- even when exposed to sea water and chlorine. Oceanographers report that titanium immersed for 30 years in saltwater produces no measurable corrosion. This is because titanium forms a protective oxide film instantly, when it's exposed to a trace of air or water. All of these attributes make titanium an ideal metal for … [Read more...]

Buy It For Life: Classic Backpacks By Duluth Pack


In our “Buy It For Life” posts we feature products that are built to last a lifetime. We also give preference to products that are very durable, are warrantied for life, and are made in the U.S. Based in Minnesota, Duluth Pack makes high durable work clothes (for both men and women), and classic bags. This is their Paul Bunyan Canoe Pack, made with 18 oz canvas in the U.S. It sells for $230. This is their classic Child's Backpack, constructed with 15-ounce canvas. It sells for … [Read more...]

The Top Rated Tripod Flashlight: Joby GorillaTorch

Joby GorillaTorch

Joby GorillaTorch Top Review Sources: L.L.Bean customer rating: 5.0/5.0 (65+ reviews) 4.0/5.0 “By far the most flexible and clever torch that we've ever reviewed” ePHOTOzine: 4.0/5.0 “Ideal for a wide range of applications” Amazon: 4.5 out of 5 stars (100+ reviews) The Joby GorillaTorch is a LED lamp mounted on three flexible legs. The legs can be wrapped around a nearly object in order to hold the GorillaTorch in place while you work. The end of each leg has a … [Read more...]