The Best Shower Filter Of 2014

The Best Shower Filters Of 2013

In A Nutshell Overall, the best option is to get a whole house filter, if your budget allows it. A whole house filter costs $600-$1200 plus installation. If you want to remove both chloramines and chlorine from your shower, I recommend getting a handheld version of the Sonaki showerhead. If you don't want a handheld showerhead, your best option is to get a Vitashower SF-1. The quality of this filter isn't great, but it is currently the only in-line chloramine-removing filter … [Read more...]

The Best Bath Filters


In A Nutshell For filtering your bathwater these are the best bath filters: For filter impurities -- use a two-step bath filter like the Crystal Quest Bath Filter For neutralizing chlorine and chloramines -- add Vitamin C tablets or Vitamin C powder directly to your bathwater The Details Typically, 60% of the chlorine that most people absorb daily comes from showering or bathing in chlorinated water. Chlorine damages your hair and skin  -- you can read about the hazards of showering … [Read more...]

20 Highly Rated Home Goods Made In The U.S.A.

Weber Grill

Very few products are still made in the U.S., but we managed to track down some American-made products that get high ratings from buyers.   KitchenAid Artisan Mixers Average Rating: 4.7 out of 5 (from 2037+ reviewers) Since 1919, KitchenAid classic mixer have been assembled by hand in Greenville, Ohio. The KitchenAid mixer is one of a few consumer appliances trademarked specifically for its unique shape! Buy on Amazon for about $267.   Lodge Logic Skillet Average … [Read more...]

Buy It For Life: Grooming Tools For Men


In our “Buy It For Life” posts we feature products that are built to last a lifetime. We also give preference to products that are very durable, are warrantied for life, and are made in the U.S.   Groom Mate Nose Hair Trimmer The Groom Mate Nose Hair Trimmer is made with brushed stainless steel. The trimmer doesn't require any batteries -- instead you twist the bottom with a gentle motion, and the rotary blades cut ear or nose hair without the risk of injury. The trimmer received … [Read more...]

Lands’ End Canvas 1963 Travel Kit


This dopp kit from Lands' End Canvas Store is constructed with waxed cotton canvas, leather trim, and a metal zipper. Waxed canvas is a good choice for a dopp kit because it is water resistant, quite durable and ages well. Selling for $30, this is most inexpensive waxed canvas dopp kit we could find. Land's End also has a good return policy, they say "you can return anything at anytime for any reason for a full refund of its purchase price". Archival Clothing also makes a $60 waxed canvas … [Read more...]

Professional M77 Manicure Kit By Suvorna Ador


This Professional M77 Manicure Kit by Suvorna Ador, is constructed with high carbon Japanese stainless steel (Hitachi 440C to be exact). The kit contains a toenail cutter with precision aligned full jaws, a pair of general purpose nail and cuticle scissors with oversized finger rings, a cuticle nipper, a double ended nail pusher, a full metal nail file, a standard nail clipper, and a slanted wide tip precision tweezer. Suvorna's Manicure Kit is available on Amazon for about … [Read more...]

Buy It For Life: Khlip Ultimate Clipper


In our “Buy It For Life” posts we feature products that are built to last a lifetime. We also give preference to products that are very durable, are warrantied for life, and are made in the U.S. The Ultimate Clipper by Khlip is a uniquely designed nail clipper, manufactured in the U.S. It has a forward facing lever that allows you to apply pressure directly over a nail. According to Khlip founder, Andrew Johnson, this allows for better control and ergonomics. The clipper uses a single blade … [Read more...]