The Best Non-Toxic Bedding

by master •


We spend about one third of our lives in bed — it’s a time when our body regenerates itself. We release about 3 litres of water while we sleep, and our bodies go through cycles of cooling down and heating up. We also absorb substances through our skin and through our lungs. Thus, keeping one’s bed toxin-free is optimal. My …


The Most Durable Pillow: Natural Latex

by Justin Thomas •


The most durable pillows are made with natural latex, the milky sap of the rubber tree.┬áLatex is a yielding but highly resilient material. You can expect a natural latex pillow to hold its shape and retain it springiness for 15 years or more. The pillows don’t require cleaning or fluffing like feather pillows.┬áLatex also has natural antimicrobial properties, and resists …