Used & Refurbished iPads For Under $300

by Justin Thomas •


Buying a used or refurbished iPad makes a lot of sense. iPads are relatively sturdy devices and have few moving parts. If you can deal with a few scuffs on the case, you expect to save about $200-$300 when buying a used iPad. However, we recommend purchasing your iPad from a seller that has a good track record, and offers …


The Best Flashlights For Retaining Night Vision

by Justin Thomas •


Aviators, astronomers, truck drivers, campers and anyone wanting to retain their night vision can benefit from LED flashlights with red or green light options. Which is best, green or red light? Well,┬áit’s the total brightness of the light that has the most significant effect on night vision retention, so you’ll want a light that allows you to easily adjust brightness. …

The Top Rated LED Lanterns (Powered By AA Batteries)

by Justin Thomas •

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LED Lanterns are perhaps the most useful portable lights — they can be used as camp lights, works lights, or emergency lights. The LEDs inside aren’t susceptible to shocks, and they last for 10 years or more.