The Top Rated Bike Lights Of 2011

NiteRider MiNewt

Bike lights have made leaps and bounds in technology offering a wide variety of styles for the night cyclist to choose from. Today's high-efficiency LEDs have taken over the market from yesterday's halogens, outshining and outlasting them. Though most of the LED bike lights available are powered by alkaline batteries, more manufacturers are now using Li-Ion batteries with the handy USB port charging feature. These top rated bike lights were chosen by studying bike forums and bike blogs such … [Read more...]

The Top Rated Portable Headphones Of 2012

Bowers and Wilkins P5 Headphone

The Top Rated Portable Headphones Of 2011: Portapro Headphone By Koss ($32) HD238 Headphone By Sennheiser ($49) HFI-580 Headphone By Ultrasone ($189) P5 Headphone By Bowers & Wilkins ($299) To create this list, I examined some of the most comprehensive headphone reviews available online. I also scouted Hi-Fi forums for recommendations, and I tested many portable headphones myself. My top review sources for this article were: CNET, Consumer Reports, PC Magazine, Good Cans, … [Read more...]